Trend Teaser: Summer 2019 Key Trends

At Jewel, we’ve always got an eye on important rising trends. With this summer starting to wind down (le sigh), our eyes are already on the horizon for summer 2019’s leading directions. From Art Deco to bold Modernism, next year’s season will be full of artful, retro vibes. Here’s a glimpse of what’s going to be hot:

Deco Pop

Bright patterns inspired by Art Deco architecture and the Miami scene will be popping up across categories. This poolside pop trend feels retro and features lots of linear and geometric patterns. The contrast of pastels and saturated colors side-by-side evokes a sense of carefree fun– perfect for the summer season.

Modern Primaries

Bold graphic shapes in vibrant hues will be seen composed across products, forming modernism-inspired patterns with a retro feel. Triangles, circles, squares, and lines will be juxtaposed in varying scales. Primary colors will enhance these cutout shapes and add definition to abstract placements. A grouping of mixed designs will make energetic product coordinates.

Soft Fades

Color gradations across products will evoke 80s and 90s pop nostalgia. Stationery and gifts will see stepped color changes travel from high saturated hues to white canvases, while interiors blends will range from pastel tones to richer hues. A fresh approach will see rhythmical patterns, layered up in a striped-style dip-dye look, or structured for a linear effect.

Hypnotic Distortion

Surrealism will inspire this trend with alluring patterns across lifestyle and interiors categories. Marbling, swirls, waves and twists will be influenced by the diffusion of water ripples, creating a fluid motion where colors blend into one another. The depth of the pigments used can build vibrant and energetic patterns, either with two tones or a mixture – ideal for mix-match gift sets. Pastels and desaturated hues will be ideal for interiors.

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