Creative Services

Jewel’s suite of creative services provides businesses with customized assistance in design, development, and go-to-market processes.  As a leading agency in branding, creative services and licensing with partners across the world,  Jewel is uniquely positioned to offer creative insight into a broad range of interiors and lifestyle categories.  Our experience covers all levels of retail, and extends into seasonal programs across the United States and beyond.  We are fluent in the language of design and product development, and excel in delivering clear, practical, and valuable information to our clients.

Services are provided as needed, or can be implemented as part of a comprehensive, ongoing service partnership.

Services include:

  • Trend guides
  • Creative direction
  • Design
  • Print & pattern collections
  • Style guides
  • Product development
  • Packaging & display concepts
  • Look books

Trend Guides

Jewel works with the world’s leading trend forecasters to provide valuable, targeted insight into rising trends in retail.  By informing production ahead of the trend curve, we establish product relevancy and secure buyer interest at market. Our regular trend updates help ensure product adaptability and longevity in a quickly changing marketplace.

Creative Direction

Jewel helps translate important market trends to best fit the individual needs of our clients’ businesses.  We recommend design direction based on focused trend insight and a 360-degree view of the retail industry, and provide essential style, color, and print & pattern recommendations for design guidance.

Style Guides

Jewel creates comprehensive guides for businesses who need to communicate a cohesive style experience across creative teams, stakeholder groups, and consumer audiences. An invaluable tool for content consistency, a style guide can be used to inform design and product development, merchandising themes, brand licensing, social media strategy, and more.

Design & Product Development

JBL designers develop new artwork for the various production needs of each of our clients.  We provide exclusive original designs, convert artwork to flat forms with technical specifications, edit color ways and design structure as needed, and deliver CAD layouts for production formats.

Packaging Design & Display Concepts

Beautiful products need stand-out packaging.  Jewel can create original design concepts that fit your packaging specs to give products a dynamic presence on retail shelves, an impactful look on the web, and a great first impression right out of the box.  To enhance new or existing product packaging, Jewel can create three-dimensional, eye-catching product display concepts that will unite merchandise and make a distinctive product statement at retail.


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