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A 360-degree View

As a leading agency with partners around the world, Jewel is uniquely positioned to assist with a broad range of creative needs. From style guides to packaging design and original artwork, our creative team offers a full suite of customized services. We are fluent in the language of design and product development and excel in delivering clear, valuable, and practical solutions to our clients.

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Trend Distillery

Keeping up with the latest trends can be time-consuming and overwhelming, with the added stress of trying to apply those trends to product collections season after season. Jewel’s Trend Distillery service makes trend research and recommendations accessible and affordable for clients of all sizes.

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An Extensive Design Resource

With a roster of nearly 50 artists and designers, Jewel is well equipped to source and provide new, original artwork that aligns with a variety of styles and trends. All artwork is delivered to our clients in editable, production-ready format.

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A Collaborative Approach

We believe that the best results come by employing strengths across our entire team. Our holistic approach is guided by expertise in trend-spotting, design, marketing, retail programming, and branding, so we can offer our clients competitive creative solutions that succeed in the marketplace.

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