Building brands that consumers want

The Art of Differentiation

With decades of experience in branding and brand extension, we are experts in building dynamic, design-based properties that have a unique point of view and distinctive market positioning. From pioneering designers to non-profit organizations, our clients are forging bright new paths in the world of retail.

  • Vans + Kendra Dandy BBH
    Bouffants & Broken Hearts for Vans
  • A mother and daughter smile and hold brightly patterned Hallmark umbrellas
    Catalina Estrada for Hallmark Gold Crown
  • FLW Brizo Bathroom
    The Frank Lloyd Wright Bath Collection by Brizo

Brand Identity

How do consumers perceive and experience your brand? We develop the fundamentals of brand identity–color, design, logo, voice, and messaging–to authentically communicate a brand’s essence, foster consumer recognition, and stand out in a competitive marketplace.

  • Artonomo Creatives
  • Hand holds small kitten sleeping
    Rachael Hale for The Humane Society International
  • Artonomo logo on background with bright paint splatter
    Visual identity for art licensing software, Artonomo
  • Person working leather with special tools
    Logo for Craft & Forge

Brand Strategy

How do brands achieve and maintain market success? Our approach to brand strategy–from crafting a value proposition and leveraging key points of differentiation, to deploying consistent messaging and forging collaborative partnerships–employs calculated steps to keep a brand fresh, competitive, and evolving in the long term.

  • Nikki Chu and La La Anthony have a champagne toast in a glamorous living room
    Nikki Chu and La La Anthony | Z Gallerie
  • Taylor swift dances in front of a bold graphic wall for Keds campaign
    Bouffants & Broken Hearts for Keds campaign
  • Botanical perfume, chocolate, and soaps arranged in front of bouquets of flowers
    Cross-promotional campaign for the New York Botanical Garden