Let us do the hard work of translating trends for you.

Our team of expert researchers and forecasters analyzes trends in your specific product categories and market tiers, and packages them into easily digestible guides that provide in-depth insights into emerging trends, consumer preferences, and industry shifts. Guides can be further customized with original print and pattern artwork, retail displays and schematics, and shareable presentations.

This service is a valuable resource for companies looking to gain a competitive edge in their market without the high overhead costs of subscription services or additional personnel. With Trend Distillery, businesses can be confident they are making informed decisions and staying competitive.

Our Trend Distillery service can help you:

  • Customize information to fit your specific needs
  • Reduce high overhead costs
  • Be confident that you are making informed decisions
  • Convey the value and timeliness of your product
  • Achieve a competitive edge in your market



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