Trend Teaser: New in Stationery

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With the National Stationery Show and Surtex right around the corner, it’s a perfect time to highlight a few key trends that have everyone at Jewel Branding & Licensing really excited about the upcoming year. From vibrant artistic statements to mysticism and uplifting florals, these trends are all about positivity and looking forward.

Abstract Expressions

The painterly trend gets more abstract with a boldly patterned direction that gives free rein to all forms of creativity across paper goods and products. Typefaces are crafted out of composites and pigment, and all forms of artistic expression are welcome and at times mixed – applied directly or mimicked with digital printing.


Stationery products are bringing a mysterious touch to desks and studies, featuring motifs and textures inspired by the nocturnal skies, the farthest depths of woods and the elements. Constellations, astrology and spell-inspired motifs create otherworldly designs that have a magical quality. Tarot cards, zodiac symbols, and the all-seeing-eye are key icons.

Positive Vibes

Uplifting messages continue to inspire stationery products. With an emphasis on happiness and positivity, this direction embraces bright and cheerful phrasing on greeting cards, notebooks and desk accessories. Typography is fundamental, playing with a variation of fonts, colored backgrounds, and cheeky slogans.

Brush in Bloom

Hand-painted designs remain key in floral patterns to deliver an artistic quality across stationery products. Styles vary from naively rendered to thicker and bolder brush strokes with an abstract look. Small, compact compositions appear camouflage-like, ideal for product coordinate sets. Larger designs favor splattered and expressive paintwork for statement feature pieces.

Jewel Branding & Licensing works with the world’s leading trend forecasters to provide valuable insight into trends in retail. Contact us to see how we can help your business increase consumer engagement through compelling design, or join us at Surtex booth 2627 and Licensing Expo booth H94 to discover more of-the-moment trends within our carefully curated portfolio of artists and brands.

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