Trend Teaser: New Design Trends for 2022/23

Purple shorts with a Taco Bell themed print on an orange background

Phew! Another eventful year is coming to an end.

If you’ve had enough surprises by now (🤪), then we’re happy to be able to give you a little glimpse of what’s on the horizon… at least as far as new design trends go.

So take a seat, put your feet up, and read on to get our non-anxiety-producing inside scoop.


Traditional checks are getting a makeover with bold, contrasting colorways that create a joyful spin for new product collections across home, lifestyle, and fashion goods.

Optical twists, overscale sizing, and graphic flower motifs give checkerboard patterns a further injection of modern fun that is especially appealing for Gen Z and Millennials.

90s Nostalgia

Yep, that’s right– it’s time to break (back?) out the Dr. Martens. As consumers continue to find solace in nostalgic themes, the 90s are popping up across product categories.

If the checkerboard mini dress in the previous trend wasn’t a big enough hint, keep your eyes peeled for retro food-and-drink-inspired collaborations, pop culture mash-ups, bucket hats, Delia*s-inspired hairstyles, and rave culture design references.

Pastel Industrial

Desk, stationery, and electronics are getting a fresh, soft update with matte pastel palettes and minimalist forms that create an understated, modern industrial feel.

Clean architectural or geometric shapes, including pipe-like forms, carved lines, and semi or full circles are also being applied as a surface design in simple repeats and overlays in the same pastel palette.

Rural Collage

A key direction for floral-inspired collections, #cottagecore looks and wholesome styling remain important across hard and soft goods.

Ditsy chintz and flower motifs are mixed with brightly colored plaids and ginghams for an immersive rural aesthetic. Slow living, DIY, and crafting will continue to be cornerstones of this trend.


Rainbow designs and layered bright colors continue to foster optimism. With a year-round commercial appeal, bright hues will update plain products across product categories, and especially in gift, electronics, and stationery.

Bands of bold tones are appearing in both traditional and non-traditional arrangements, or are applied in gradients for a fresh take. Work with the rainbow’s full spectrum to develop a collection that sparks joy in the consumer.

Impressionistic Sketches

Printed and patterned products get an injection of originality with a vibrant style that reflects the energy of an artist’s canvas.

Designs are passionate mash-ups of painterly strokes, bold shapes, and expressive mark-making that grab consumer attention and elevate products with a sense of authenticity.


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