Introducing Tea Forté Fleur

An encore tea collection wrapped in vintage floral prints and curated in partnership with The New York Botanical Garden.

MAYNARD, MA, JANUARY 2020 – Heralding Tea Forté’s second year of collaboration with The New York Botanical Garden (NYBG), the luxury tea brand’s new limited-edition Fleur Collection is a celebration of spring’s bounty, meant to evoke the feeling of a walk through the flowers and fruits of the Garden itself. To echo the spirit of last year’s Jardin Collection, 4 percent of sales through retail outlets will support NYBG’s research, conservation, horticulture, and education efforts, making Fleur an excellent spring or summer gift for any enthusiast of fine tea and botanical preservation. 

“Blossoms play a central role in this year’s collection,” says Tea Forté Sommelier and Director of Global Quality, Piotr Miga. “Hibiscus and marigold blossoms are a universal symbol of reawakening, warmth, and natural beauty. We’re thrilled to support the work of the New York Botanical Garden, bringing together vibrant tea blends that recreate the experience of walking through its grounds and pouring a percentage of those proceeds back into the place that inspired them.”

In homage to the NYBG’s historic Mertz Library, the Fleur Collection’s packaging features the work of three key figures from the 18th and 19th centuries: French botanical artists Étienne Denisse and Pancrace Bessa, and Belgian botanical artist Pierre-Joseph Redouté, whose work appeared on the packaging for last year’s NYBG collaboration, The Jardin Collection. 

“Since the moment our relationship began with the Garden last year, I was most drawn to the botanical illustrations we found in the antique books of its archives,” says Tea Forté Creative Director Paul Anselmi. “For Fleur, we pulled art depicting the botanicals and herbs represented in the flavor profiles of the collection’s blends, like jasmine, hibiscus flowers, and oranges, set against a calming background in mint green – the color of the moment.” 

“We’re thrilled to be partnering with Tea Forté on this new collection of unique tea blends that are as exquisite and diverse as The New York Botanical Garden’s living collections,” says Meredith Counts, Director of Licensing and Product Development for the NYBG. “Fleur will take tea drinkers on a journey through the lush tropical botanicals of NYBG’s Conservatory, through the fragrant and softly beautiful Herb Garden, to the serene tranquility of the Native Plant Garden, where blueberries ripen among the wildflowers.”

The Fleur Collection includes five organic tea blends, each packaged in custom botanical artwork meant to invoke pleasure from first glance to final sip. Three are best-selling Tea Forté blends featuring ingredients inspired by the Botanical Garden’s living collections, while the fourth and fifth are brand new organic floral blends: an herbal tisane and a delicate white tea, both created to commemorate this year’s partnership. 

The Fleur Collection’s assortment of organic teas includes:

  • Earl Grey A timeless expression of robust Assam and bergamot.
  • Jasmine Green Rare, exceptional Chung Hao tea, scented with jasmine flowers.
  • Blueberry Merlot An award-winning herbal blend with sweet berries and savory sage.
  • New – Hibiscus Blossom A bright herbal steep with fragrant orange and hibiscus.
  • New – Peach Blossom An aromatic blend of juicy summer fruits and delicate flowers.

Selections from the limited-edition Fleur Collection include the Fleur Gift Set (MSRP $45) which features a 10-infuser Mini Presentation Box as well as a limited-edition pale mint Café cup, and tea tray; a standalone Presentation Box featuring 20 infusers (MSRP $34); a standalone Petite Presentation Box featuring 10 infusers (MSRP $22); a 15-serving Single Steeps® Sampler (MSRP $20); a Peach Blossom Loose Leaf Tea Canister (MSRP $15), a Hibiscus Blossom Loose Leaf Tea Canister (MSRP $15) and a KATI® Loose Tea Steeping Cup with Stainless Steel Infuser (MSRP $20) – each one an ideal gift for Mother’s Day or other spring and summer celebrations.

Fleur is available through as well as select premium retailers including the NYBG Shop.

About Tea Forté

The ritual of steeping and sitting down to a perfect cup of tea is as much about finding peace in the experience as it is about the taste. Impeccably sourced, handcrafted teas, signature pyramid infusers and design-driven accessories bring subtle flavors and simple refinement to every cup. With its understated luxuriousness, Tea Forté has become an everyday indulgence of tea connoisseurs in over 35 countries. Available at the world’s leading hotels, restaurants, resorts and retailers, Tea Forté also serves as the exclusive tea purveyor to the James Beard Foundation. Learn more at

About the New York Botanical Garden

Founded in 1891, The New York Botanical Garden is the most comprehensive botanical garden in the world and an integral part of the cultural fabric of New York City, anchored in the Bronx. More than one million people visit the Garden each year to connect with nature for joy, beauty, and respite, and for renowned plant-based exhibitions, music and dance, and poetry and lectures. Innovative children’s education programs promote environmental sustainability and nutrition awareness, graduate programs educate the next generation of botanists, while engaging classes inspire adults to remain lifelong learners. 

The 250-acre verdant landscape—which includes a 50-acre, old-growth forest—and the landmark Enid A. Haupt Conservatory support living collections of more than one million plants. Unparalleled resources are also held in the LuEsther T. Mertz Library, the world’s most important botanical and horticultural library with 11 million archival items spanning ten centuries, and William and Lynda Steere Herbarium, the largest in the Western Hemisphere with 7.8 million plant and fungal specimens. Committed to protecting the planet’s biodiversity and natural resources, Garden scientists work on-site in cutting-edge molecular labs and in areas worldwide where biodiversity is most at risk.

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