Helpful Hints and Tips for creating Jewel Boxes

We are thrilled to announce our new online search tool and hope you find it useful.  We have put together some helpful tips and hints to make it even easier for you to find the designs you need.  We’ve created some searches for you once you Login to the website to help get you started.  Simply click one of the categories (i.e. Graduation, Florals) and it will automatically yield results for that category.  For optimal performance, we recommend using Mozilla Firefox.

The tool searches in a variety of ways.

By Keyword

  • Enter a keyword, click “Go” and results will show all designs with that keyword
  • Designs can be filtered by designers and/or product category

Example: Search for “foxes” and click “Go” and there will be 37 results. To filter, select a specific designer or designers in the Designer drop-down menu or select product category in Category drop-down menu and then click “Go”

By Designer:

  • To see all the designs from a specific designer, click on the designer you want in the Designer drop-down menu and click “Go”
  • You can also search multiple designers at one time by clicking on each designer’s name in the Designer drop-down menu and click “Go”
  • To filter further and narrow results, enter keywords in the Search area or click on specific categories in the Category filter and then click “Go”

Example: In the Designer drop-down menu, click and highlight Clairebella, Jenny Sweeney and Shell Rummel and it will yield 675 results.  To remove any of the designers, simply click the designer you’d like to remove and hit “Go.”  You can further narrow down the search by keyword or selecting a category in the Category drop-down menu and then clicking “Go”.

By Product Category:

  • To search designs by product category, simply select a category (stationery, wall art, greeting cards, etc.) in the Category drop-down menu, click “Go” and it will pull all of the designs from each designer in that specific category.
  • To filter further and narrow results, enter keywords in the Search area or click on specific designers in the Designer filter and click “Go”

Important Tips:

  • Be sure to click “Go” after every action!
  • The “Start A New Search” button is a simple way to clear the previous search and start a brand new search.
  • In executing a Category search, you will get many results. To narrow results, you can identify a keyword that can be removed from the search by typing the minus sign and then the keyword. For example, if you search the Category “Greeting cards” but you are only looking for everyday and do not want to see Christmas: In the keyword section, type “-Christmas” and click “Go”. This will remove all the Christmas designs from your Category search.
  • To view larger images of each design, click on the design, where you’ll be taken to the individual design page. For even more detail, click on the image again.

Jewel Boxes:

  • Once you’ve searched and found designs you’d like to save and review, the next step is creating Jewel Boxes
  • Click on the arrow next to “Add to Jewel Box” and it will drop down a menu with a space to create and save a Jewel Box
  • You can create and title as many Jewel Boxes as you would like as they are stored under your login
  • You can modify, delete and add to your Jewel Boxes as much as you like
  • To add designs to your Jewel Boxes, click the icon “Add to Jewel Box” and put into your selected Jewel Box. You can add to existing Jewel Boxes or create a new one and save it
  • Once you have added all the images to the Jewel Box, go to the top right hand menu bar and select My Jewel Boxes. This will bring you to your Jewel Boxes page. From here you can open your Jewel Box, delete items, see more detail, etc.
  • Once you are happy with it, you can export your Jewel Box to a PDF where you can save to your computer or print it out
  • Once you have reviewed the selections with your team and finalize the hi-res images you need, you can email us that you have finalized your selections and we will view your Jewel Box and send you the hi-res files

Coming Soon!

  • Featured area highlighting new designers and designs
  • Easy email feature on the website that will notify Jewel Branding you’re ready to receive high-res files


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