Trend Teaser: Valentines Day 2018

Three distinct trends are coming up roses this Valentine’s Day, and while we’re all wondering if our crush is going to come through with that perfect gift, these sweet looks will have a little something for everyone.

Pixel Perfect

The 1980s–the decade that doesn’t quit–will again make a mark on products from stationery and gift to floral bouquets and food. A nod to early computer graphics (think Atari and Apple II) makes its mark via 8-bit pixel-style blocks and textual gaming references.

Flowers in real and design form have supernatural colors, and digital hearts adorn all. Central gifts include homemade mixtapes and QWERTY-quircky greeting cards.

Fairytale Romance

Vika World Love

This trend is what Valentine’s Day dreams are made of: stepping away from the iPhone, slowing down, and savoring precious moments. This trend’s ethereal look is straight out of a fairytale; think blossoming flowers with feathery petals and soft, embossed graphics. Simple, romantic elements like engraved stones, gossamer silk, and etched glass characterize gifts.

Delicate pastel confections come topped with gold dust, pearls, and flower petals, and cupcakes are topped with light-as-a feather peaks of frosting.

Fading or layered imagery brings a dreamy quality to designs. Embossing provides a soft feel, while sweet messages in quiet typography make romantic cards.

Le sigh.

Poetic Folk

JD Makes Things -

Perennially popular folk design and handcrafted details characterize the Poetic Folk trend, as retail continues to enjoy a sentimental, bohemian style. Keep your eye out for cross-stitch-style graphics, large bouquets of wildflowers, and food with a rustic, home-baked look.

Graphic messages have patchwork style and embroidery-like typography. Heart motifs are created in stitched or tapestry-like looks, and floral motifs are sweet and simple. Decorative accents and gifts, in crochet or quilted arrangements, feel sentimental and handmade.

Big, perfectly imperfect bouquets of flowers are tied by hand with ribbons or bows. With this trend, it’s the thought (real or imagined) that counts.

Happy Valentine’s Day to all–

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