Inspiring Phrases of Late

It’s working…that is a statement I heard from one of my artists this week! I couldn’t agree more. In licensing, we all know it is a long and tortuous road at its best. Some days are great, some are okay and some are just downright ugly and depressing. Let’s be honest, we try to survive in a market where in most cases we work for free a majority of the time. How can that not get you down sometimes. To hear the words it’s working though does make you feel that hard work can persevere in the end.

Collaboration…Another word I have heard this week. The specific quote is that we want to work collaboratively with creative people. Now that is what I like to hear from licensees. We want to work collaboratively as well. We are not divas! (I can say that as a general rule as most of my artists and designers are women) The bottom line is we want to create great products with great partners. If we are working together and not sending submissions into the abyss, we all will be much more successful. We won’t waste our time and can spend energy creating designs that will ultimately sell.

I couldn’t help but laugh the other day at my daughter, Addison. We have a new Nanny, Katie, that loves to draw. They both sit at the table after school and have art time. I really thought it was a collaborative effort where they both created art together…So I come downstairs the other day and Addison is sitting at the table telling Katie what to draw and what colors to use, and how her hair should be, etc. I made a mental note that I should really try to work with Addison on being so bossy, and then I couldn’t help but think that is how I must sound when I tell my artists; just change up those colors, add a new color way, move this around, it needs something more I don’t know what, but something. And then I made a mental note to work on me being so bossy.

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