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The works of Frank Lloyd Wright are recognized worldwide as historic landmarks pivotal to the global development of modern architecture. His designed objects are collected in museums, and his drawings and other work comprise the largest archive of its kind in the world.  His ideas, as embodied in eight of his buildings, are represented on the UNESCO World Heritage List for their significance to global heritage and culture.

Wright’s vision, “to make life more beautiful, the world a better one for living in, and to give rhyme, reason, and meaning to life” is carried on through the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation. The Foundation’s mission is to inspire people to discover and embrace an architecture for better living through meaningful connections to nature, the arts, and each other.  The licensing program is intended to bring that mission to life through beautifully designed products that allow people to bring Wright’s ideas into their lives.

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Over a 70-year career, Frank Lloyd Wright created the principles of a modern American architecture that still advance the way we build and live around the world. More than a designer of buildings, he was an architect of innovative design ideas that make our lives better.

Wright embraced the new technologies, materials, and methods that became available over his long lifetime, always grounded in the principles of what he called “organic architecture”—his belief that human work should be inspired by how all elements of the natural world work in harmony with each other. Frank Lloyd Wright sought to help inspire people to live a life where beauty was integral to everything around them.

A Lasting Legacy

In 1955, Frank Lloyd Wright began to license his works, creating original designs for the Taliesin Ensemble of products in partnership with leading design brands (such as Schumacher and Heritage Henredon).  Beginning with that original work and continuing today, Frank Lloyd Wright licensed products represent refined style, through the expression of the integral relationships between the natural and the man-made, and between material and design. Whether a reproduction of his original work, or innovative products derived from Wright’s timeless ideas, all products licensed by the Foundation further the Foundation’s mission to make good design accessible to the public. The program encompasses more than one thousand primary design references, accompanied by the most iconic name in architecture and design.

Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation x Kith

Kith is proud to announce its official partnership with the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation–the New Balance Made in USA 998 – Broadacre City, a silhouette celebrating its 35th anniversary and Wright’s revered architectural sketches.

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2023 Excellence Awards Finalist

Best Licensed Product Nominee — Best Product: Home Decor

Honoring his legacy, the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation (FLWF) partnered with Steelcase to revisit, reinterpret, and reintroduce Wright’s designs rooted in his principles to provide products that enhance how we live and work today.

Featured in Architectural Digest, Fast Company, and Wallpaper, the collection has been updated to accommodate current standards, including consideration for the work-from-home era, but otherwise keeps Wright’s vision intact.

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