EttaVee by Jessi Raulet

How art influencer Jessi Raulet’s colorful abstracts bring the “Good Vibes” consumers are craving

In a time where themes of positivity continue to inspire and delight consumers, our goal was to harness the EttaVee brand’s innate ability to uplift and encourage by creating a strategic licensing program. Known for its distinct abstracts featuring bright, beautiful colors, EttaVee, by art influencer Jessi Raulet, has quickly become a global sensation. Through our tailored approach, we have secured successful licensing partnerships  to create colorful, energetic and expressive product collections. EttaVee has collaborated with leading companies including Tervis for drinkware, carol + frank for bedding and accessories, Acco brands for calendars and dated goods and Lang for stationery and gift. The craze for EttaVee’s colorful abstracts spans across the globe, as many successful deals have been signed with partners in France, Belgium, Switzerland, Italy and Canada. New programs are in development to extend the brand into Russia, Turkey, South Africa and India. You can find EttaVee products at popular retailers in the U.S. including Target, Home Goods, Barnes & Noble, TJMaxx, Hobby Lobby, Kirkland’s, Michael’s, JoAnn’s.