Case Studies

Bouffants & Broken Hearts by Kendra Dandy

BBH for Albi

A unique point of view

From the moment we saw the quirky and clever illustrations, we fell in love with Kendra Dandy’s Bouffants & Broken Hearts. Our objective: to build Kendra’s trendsetting aesthetic into an award-winning, global licensing program.

Bouffants and Broken Hearts model with colorful robe and graphics
Bouffants and Broken Hearts by Cotton: On
Unique portrait on pink wall

Global expansion

Through careful market analysis and a detailed strategy, we’ve secured licensing and retail partnerships that have advanced Bouffants and Broken Hearts to international art brand status. To date, we’ve launched branded programs in gift, health and beauty, stationery, tabletop, apparel, and fashion accessories in major territories including the UK, North America, South America, Australia, Korea, and France.

Bouffants & Broken Hearts campaign for Keds

The best of the best

Notable retail partners have included Vans, Estée Lauder, Anthropologie, Nike, and Sephora in the U.S., Skin Food in Korea, and Cotton: On in Australia, for which the brand was awarded Best Retailer Marketing Campaign by Licensing International.