About the Brand

SCOUT was co-founded by Deb Waterman Johns and her husband Ben Johns in 2004. A working mom of four (plus multiple dogs), Deb needed large, sturdy, affordable totes to carry all her family’s stuff without getting weighed down.

The bags she and Ben needed didn’t exist, so they made them.

With 40+ years of fashion and trend-forecasting experience, Deb, our Chief Creative Officer, is the start-to-finish creative force behind every SCOUT product and pattern. Deb has been featured in Good Housekeeping, Thrive Global, Daily Mail, The Washington Post, on the Home Shopping Network, and various media outlets.

Our Product

"Pretty Utility"

With a focus on both fashion and function, Scout is known for durability, versatility and style. They call it pretty utility. Their position in the market is unique. They win with function first.

The Patterns

Through the lens of her well-trained eye, Deb finds inspiration everywhere she turns, including her global travels, fashion trends, and her own life. SCOUT's talented team of artists work collaboratively with Deb to interpret her designs, creating hundreds of limited-edition patterns each year.

The Customer

The Achiever Mom: For herself, she wants trendsetting patterns to set her apart. For others, she is the ultimate, thoughtful gifter. In her spare time, she is improving and organizing her home.

SCOUT’s Mission

Their goal is simple. Help women accomplish more by designing fashionable, durable, and colorful products that organize and delight.

“You can do it all, but not alone and not perfectly.”

  • Deb Waterman Johns

Current Licensing Opportunities

Underscoring SCOUT’s mission of providing modern women with dynamic, compelling products to navigate and celebrate their busy days and lives, they are expanding their product assortments through licensing. From home accessories to drinkware to everything in between, they want to bring their customers all the quintessential items they need to create and expand upon a happy lifestyle.

Designed for Real Life

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