Sara B.

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About the Artist

The Sara B. brand is chic, cheerful, and colorful with a feminine flair. Through her collections of bold and vibrant florals, Sara B. embraces the motto “Life in Bloom” to encourage you to thrive and surround yourself with beauty and happiness. Sara’s collections are made up of fresh florals mixed with playful novelty prints and geometrics. Hand painted in watercolor, the Sara B. creations are uplifting, expressive and inspired by the idea that everyone deserves to blossom. It is her hope that her designs will bring a sense of inspiration into your home, fashion, and life. Sara B.’s catalog­ consists of over 100 collections and can be seen on products in home decor, gift and tableware, stationery, and apparel.

About Sara

Sara Berrenson is a painter and illustrator based in Santa Monica, California. She is inspired by color combinations, textures, and patterns found in nature and tradition. Flowers are a daily source of inspiration for her with their unique and organic shapes, and endless examples of color and variety. Sara’s designs are hand painted in gouache or watercolor in a loose hand, playing with the blending and translucency of colors. Sara started the Sara B. Brand to share her colorful designs with others. The brand name, “Sara B.,” pays homage to Sara’s great grandmother, also named Sara, who was a creative inspiration.

Before launching the Sara B. brand, Sara worked as a design professional specializing in packaging and branding. Sara has designed for globally recognized companies including Trader Joe’s and Mattel, working on licensed brands Barbie and Monster High. On the weekends you can find her at the flower mart taking photos for her next watercolor, or at the Rose Bowl Flea Market scouting out antique furniture and vintage fabric.


In Her Own Words

“I’ve always been drawing, painting, or creating something since I was little. I think that comes from my Great Grandmother for whom I am named. She was this tiny 4 ft. 9 inch sewing dynamo from Russia with a size 4 shoe, who, like myself, kept a roomful of fabric on hand. Never mind that she couldn’t read a word of English, never used a pattern, and sewed every piece of clothing by hand. My Grandmother told me that she and her two sisters always had the nicest garments in school. I like to think she approves of what I’m doing. Like my great grandmother, I have a love for fabric. But after a few mildly successful sewing endeavors, it became clear that it is not the act of sewing that I love, but the act of picking out the fabrics. I am passionate about pretty prints and patterns. With this realization, I set about painting my own collections that reflect my love of nature and color. I hope my designs add a touch of happiness to your day!”

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