Rachael Hale

Rachael Hale Dog with pink bow

About the Brand

Since launching in 1995, the Rachael Hale® brand has become a global success story, synonymous with ‘the world’s most lovable animals’. Transcending age, language and culture, the brand’s unique personalities and enchanting images inspire and delight all they touch.

Charming New Markets and Homes

Featuring an exciting, ever expanding range of products including calendars, stationary, apparel, cosmetics, fashion accessories, school items, giftware, and keepsakes, Rachael Hale® continues to charm new markets and homes.

The Rachael Hale® Brand

With its universal and timeless appeal, this evergreen brand offers licensees exciting opportunities. We are thrilled to have Rachael Hale® branded products selling throughout the US in stores including Target and Wal-Mart.

A new pet lifestyle collection from Rachael Hale

Rachael Hale x Bed Bath & Beyond

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