MFA Boston

Bringing Art & People Together

The MFA brings many worlds together through art. Showcasing masterpieces from ancient to modern, the Museum’s renowned collection of nearly 500,000 works tells a multifaceted story of the human experience—a story that holds unique meaning for everyone. From Boston locals to international travelers, visitors from all over come to experience the MFA—where they reveal connections, explore differences, and create a community where all belong.

Global Success Story

With a focus on fostering creativity, embracing diversity, and sharing impactful stories, the MFA’s licensing initiatives continue to captivate audiences globally, offering high-quality fine art and design to partners around the world.

Whether reproducing well-known images for note cards, creating replicas of 19th-century American furniture for today’s home furnishing market, creating fast fashion inspired by prints and paintings, or adapting a textile design for wallpaper, MFA licensing can provide inspiration and name recognition in all categories of retail product. The MFA seeks fresh, new ways of reproducing art objects from its collection while accurately and tastefully remaining true to the integrity of the original artwork. With hundreds of thousands of images of the Museum’s collection available, partners can source creativity from many of the world’s greatest artists and makers. MFA’s brand is licensed globally with high-profile partnerships including UNIQLO, Be@rbrick, Cariuma, and more. These collaborations showcase the MFA’s rich cultural heritage ranging from exclusive apparel lines to limited-edition collectibles, reaching diverse audiences worldwide.

Supporting Care for the Collection

Founded in 1870, the MFA strives to bring art and people together through exhibitions, programs, research and publications. At the heart of this mission is the Museum’s renowned collection and an ambitious commitment to activating new audiences—bringing diverse perspectives together to reflect on art as a platform to address the times in which we live.

The MFA is committed to the care of some 500,000 artworks, which are held in trust for future generations. Conservation and restoration are primary responsibilities which requires constant attention to providing a proper environment for works of art and artifacts. With a team of dedicated experts and state-of-the-art facilities, the MFA employs innovative techniques to conserve and restore priceless artifacts from various periods and regions. Proceeds to MFA from licensed products support these conservation efforts, ensuring cultural treasures remain accessible for future generations.

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