CatCoq headshot with iPad

About the Artist

Cat Coquillette is a location-independent artist and designer. Her passion for art and travel has led her to exploring the globe 24/7 in search of creative inspiration for new projects and experiences to uplevel her personal and professional life.

Cat’s artwork is directly inspired from her travels. Created all over the globe, her portfolio reflects the unique vibes and surroundings of each place she visits.

Vibrant Creativity

Most known for its bright pops of color, Cat’s artwork also incorporates vibrant typography, whimsical patterns, flora and fauna, and a blend of hand-painted watercolor and intricate vector illustration.

Strong Partnerships

Cat partners with a variety of brands that transform her paintings into best-selling products. You can find CatCoq products sold worldwide on art prints, home decor items, tech accessories, fashionable apparel items, and more.

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