Breathe Live Explore

Oris Eddu

Inspiration from a Place of Mindfulness

Founded in 2019 by artist and influencer Oris Eddu, Breathe Live Explore is a creative brand that mindfully infuses adventure into everyday life. The brand embraces the joy of slow living through designs that stem from a place of mindfulness and active participation.  Over the years, Breathe Live Explore has partnered with brands and businesses across the globe spanning various industries including homeware, decor, fabrics, stationery, and fashion. Features and collaborations include Target, Sand + Fog, Oasis, and White Stuff among others.


Target’s Artist Series

Oris Eddu of Breathe Live Explore, is prominently featured in-store and online as part of Target’s Artist Series which, celebrates art and culture.

Strikingly Crafted Prints, Breathing Life into Everyday Products

A self-taught Nigerian artist who lives in Canada, Oris is fond of creating lush prints and vibrant florals through a lens of optimism. Art has always been Oris’ form of rejuvenation and mindfulness practice, and she strives to transform her expressions into designs that inspire others to breathe, live and explore every day.

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