A Legacy of Vibrant Stories

WILLIAMSBURG is the brand of The Colonial Williamsburg Foundation, which shares America’s enduring story at the 18th century capital of Williamsburg, Virginia. Since its opening in 1932, more than 50 million visitors have enjoyed the historic town, which includes 500 original and reconstructed buildings, gardens, historic trades, museums, and more. WILLIAMSBURG products enable America’s revolutionary roots to make their way into the homes and hearts of consumers.

Where Trend Meets Tradition

CLASSIC. Represents the best of American craftmanship and style, as well as the global influences that inspired early American homes.

TIMELESS. Since 1936, we’ve owned tradition.  Now trend meets tradition with WILLIAMSBURG.

AUTHENTIC. 70,000 antiques, plus rare books, gardens, and historic buildings inspire WILLIAMSBURG products. Each product tells a story.


With a prestigious roster of 30+ licensing partners, WILLIAMSBURG products draw upon American and global inspiration–fresh from the 18th century.  Drawn from remarkable and rare treasures in the collections of the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation, the brand exudes a “trend meets tradition” approach. Its timeless grace and authenticity complement contemporary and classic interiors. WILLIAMSBURG products support the preservation, research and educational missions of the not-for-profit Colonial Williamsburg Foundation.

WILLIAMSBURG is trademark of the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation
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