The Whiskey Ginger

A Spirited Design Co.

Based out of the beautiful mountain town of Bozeman, Montana, many of their designs are inspired by the authentic characters who inhabit wild lands. The ski bunny, the grizzled gent, the entrepreneur, the wayward artist- anyone with the innate desire for something a little different.  Sharing inspiration through a variety of mediums, they draw, play music, sing, take portraits, and write- all in the hopes of capturing those ever-elusive idiosyncrasies that a passing glance might overlook.

About the Designers

Loni Carr and Brett Gramse are the creative minds behind the Whiskey Ginger brand. The artistic duo uses writing, digital illustration, oil painting, pen and ink, typography, and photography to capture ideas and turn them into graphic art. As a design and copy team, The Whiskey Ginger offers a feminine and masculine perspective, bringing to life even the most obscure of notions.

The Brand

The Whiskey Ginger’s designs fit snugly into the modern rustic cabin lifestyle, on warm throw pillows, playful vintage posters, and vibrant home goods. Every finished piece is inspired by a real character, either past or present — the gruff elderly man who repaid them for moving his beloved piano with a shot of bourbon, and the eccentric gal who blow dries her pet chickens.