Teri Farrell Gittins

Where it All Began

Before launching ShootsAndBlooms.com, Teri Farrell Gittins graduated from Art Center College of Design, and then free-lanced for several companies creating work for the children’s markets. Shortly after, she fell in love with fabric and surface design. Teri now works to create beautiful paintings and surface patterns for products like fabrics, paper, and more.  She is forever curious and loves to learn new techniques and skills, allowing her work to continue to change and mature. Currently she paints and draws using traditional watercolor, gauche and ink, as well as manipulating her  work using digital tools.


Shoots And Blooms Brand

Teri can’t travel or take a simple neighborhood walk without stopping to take several photos of flowers, or anything related to flowers like leaves and seeds.  She is always in awe of their perfection, colors, and the way they hold onto or let go of light. From tiny shoots to their full blooms, and even as they whither, they are perfect.  That perfection satisfies her soul and inspires her to create.  She can’t imagine a creative life without them.  Sometimes they are subtly in the background of life, other times they are bold and bright in the forefront of our passions or our loss. They move along the journey of life with us and remind us how precious life is; how life can be strong and fragile all at the same time.

At Home Artist

Being an artist with a studio at home, makes Teri somewhat of a homebody. As a result, it is important for her space to be beautiful, elegant, and peaceful.  She tries to create work that she would love having and seeing in her own home.  In addition to beautiful florals she loves childhood traditions, simple graphics and patterns.