Shannon Snow

Shannon Snow makes colorful art for colorful people. Since starting her design career, she’s been nurturing her love for highly illustrative surface design, maximalist color, and bold typography. Her work is inspired by folklore, flora, and fauna. Currently, she finds herself in the world of product development, designing for home, gift, and apparel.


Delightful Nostalgia

Shannon’s work is deeply influenced by her grandmother, who traveled the world and filled her home with delightful treasures from her journeys. This sense of wonderment comes alive in Shannon’s art through vibrant color, otherworldly critters, and nostalgic themes. Southern and quite proud of it, Shannon loves a good wallpapered powder room, a front porch cocktail, and low-country summer evenings.

Color and Whimsy

Shannon firmly believes that art should make you feel good. Her brand is colorful, happy, and loaded with whimsy, and when she shares it on social media viewers are often drawn to the much-needed good vibes. The vibrant colors and nature scenes are undeniably cheerful. Their uplifting, playful scenes—of bugs climbing over mushrooms or a smiling turtle marching—will definitely bring a smile to your face.