Sally Eckman Roberts

Watercolor Nature

Sally Eckman Roberts has been licensing her watercolor artwork and designs for over 20 years. Using watercolor and pencil, she delicately blends rich colors to create intricate patterns with distinctive borders. Sally’s designs reveal the overlap between art and nature. “While my inspiration comes from nature and natural objects, my look is current and trend driven.” – Sally.


Versatile Designs

Sally’s interest in art began while growing up in Indiana. Since then, she has left her Mid-western roots and now resides in the beautiful seaside town of Jensen Beach, Florida. Her design studio is right in the heart of downtown, where her creative mind goes to work every day! Her laid-back lifestyle has led her to have an open concept design studio and boutique. By doing this, Sally is able to talk to everyone who comes in and meet people from all over the world. Sally shows versatility in her work, by creating different styles from holiday to coastal, floral to gourmet and everything in-between.

Licensing Opportunities

Sally’s unique ability to combine illustration and design has helped make Sally’s licensing career so successful. Sally’s designs are featured on a wide variety of products including: dinnerware, bedding, pillows, rugs, wall decor, coasters and more. Sally has sold her products to major retailers across the country including – Neiman Marcus, Horchow, Charleston Gardens and Colonial Williamsburg, just to name a few. Sally’s work is continually evolving, which makes her a very sought-after artist in the home and decor industries.