Robbin Rawlings

Distinctly Her Own

Becoming an artist was a natural progression for Robbin Rawlings. Growing up, Robbin’s artistic mother encouraged her to be creative and influenced her love of art through shared projects. Robbin’s professional art career began right after college when she opened her own Graphic Design business. During her ten year business adventure, she refined her craft, became well-versed in the art of business and shaped an aesthetic distinctly her own.

A Simple Stroke

Don’t let her impressive business acumen fool you. Robbin can bring light-hearted whimsy to life with a simple stroke. Inspired by everything from nature-made to man-made, Robbin focuses on creating designs that expresses how truly beautiful and amazing life is.

Expressing Emotion

Not wishing to duplicate the exactness produced by a camera lens or machine, she seeks to evoke joy through innate humanness. Her “fingerprint” can be seen in all of her work, in an effort to express emotion and encourage communication.

Creative Products

Living in Boulder, Colorado offers Robbin a chance to discover inspiration everywhere, every day. Robbin has been successfully licensing her designs for over 15 years in a variety categories including stationery, greeting cards, gifts, garden and home decor.  Her products can be found at retailers like Trader Joe’s, Target, Barnes & Noble, and Costco.