Nel Whatmore

Beauty in Every Bloom

There is beauty in every bloom. An explosion of life, filled with color. One of nature’s greatest gifts, a flower can brighten up even the most dower day. Nel Whatmore captures this with the stroke of a brush. A celebrated artist and designer, she is known for her floral paintings and abstracts. Her work evokes many emotions, helping to express what we may not be able to express ourselves.

A Display of Detail

Every artist spends moment in quiet wonderment each time they create a new work. Will what is on paper or page, mural or magazine cover, stand the test of time? Nel Whatmore can say yes for so much of what she has created in her career. Whether it is her award-winning paintings or celebrated stationery & homewares line, Nel has produced an awe-inspiring legacy of art that has delighted clients for over 26 years. Having been nominated three times in the UK for the year’s Best Published Artist, recognition is full for Nel. She has exhibited in the world famous Chelsea Flower Show in London for the past 8 years, a grand spectacle of floral. Her ability for magnificent expression is driven through color and form, a display of detail that will fascinate even the most discerning connoisseur of fine art.

The Nel Whatmore Brand

In 2007, Nel introduced surface pattern designs into her work, attracting even greater interest in the Nel – Art for Living Brand. Classic timeless florals complemented with contemporary coordinating pattern collections make for a unique and exciting licensing opportunity. The collection contains a diverse range of fine art and patterns, with new and exciting material added regularly. The brand is actively represented now in more than 25 countries, with 35 licensees and counting worldwide.