Michelle Campbell

Inspiration Blooms

Michelle Campbell is a British artist and illustrator, living in rural France with her partner, Alex, and her dog and cat. The French countryside is a wealth of inspiration for her work. For the past 33 years, since training in Liverpool Art College, she has continued her art practice, as well as working professionally within the arts, in both publication and re-painting. Campbell has worked in commercial areas such as gift, jewelry, pottery & editorial, as well as licensed products worldwide. Her work has been exhibited in galleries across England and Scotland.

Art from the Countryside

Michelle’s studio is situated on the grounds of a 16th century farmhouse in France. Her animals, nature and the countryside are a constant source of inspiration for her work. If she is not in the studio, she can be found walking in the countryside.

Michelle primarily works in watercolor, ink pen, gouache, acrylic paints on Fabriano watercolor paper. She also likes to combine traditional work with digital.

Michelle’s Program

In 2014, Michelle created several illustrations based on the Tour de France. She was a featured artist on BBC Countryfile, regularly writes for Leisure Painter Magazine, has worked with the Co-operative on publications and has worked on larger scale projects for Patagonia, creating window illustrations.