Michael Storrings

Award-winning artist and published author, Michael Storrings, creates “Art that Celebrates.” Whether on ornaments, home decor, or paper, Michael’s work captures that special essence—the sounds, colors, fashions, diversity, and energy—of seasons and cities across the world.

As VP Creative Director at Macmillan, Michael has designed book jackets for New York Times bestselling authors and won awards from the American Institute of Graphic Artists, Print Magazine, The Circle Foundation for the Arts, and others.

Under the Michael Storrings® brand, his acclaimed artwork can be found on ornaments, stationery, puzzles, snow globes, home accessories, and tins at top retailers across the country and beyond.

Brand Vision

With roots in the bustling culture of New York, Michael creates tableaux that are bursting with color, activity, and detail. Through his artwork, shoppers can travel the world—from Paris and Japan, to Cuba and New Orleans—and experience the unique vitality of each iconic location. Whimsical, collectible, and highly giftable, Michael Storrings® products encourage customers to connect with happy memories, experience new places, and lose themselves in the rich detail of his vibrant designs.

Retail Success

Michael’s highly collectible ornaments are sold at select retailers including Bergdorf Goodman, Bloomingdale’s, The Plaza Boutique, and Saks Fifth Avenue. His lively puzzles sell-through to the tune of millions of dollars per year and his products have been featured in Town & Country, Country Living, and Celebrate 365, and talked about on The Today Show and Martha Stewart Living Radio. He has also created ornaments for charities such as the ABC Foundation for Kathie Lee Gifford and The Good Dog Foundation for Candy Spelling.