Mia Whittemore

Watercolor Nature

Creativity has always played a major role in Mia Whittemore’s life, from constantly keeping a sketchbook as a child to her current roles as an artist, surface designer, and art educator. Mia strives to use this creativity that she has cultivated for many years to fulfill her goal as an artist, which is to bring color and joy to everyday life.



Art Education

After graduating from Boston University with a BFA in art education, Mia began working as an elementary school art teacher. In the evenings, she created watercolor paintings of patterns and plants as a way to maintain her own creative practice. Soon, Mia began sharing her artwork on social media and through this process learned about the field of surface design and the various possibilities that existed for her artwork. Since then, Mia has had her artwork featured on a variety of products, which brings Mia great joy because it allows her to share her work with others.

Fresh Style

Mia’s joyful work is created through a combination of traditional and digital techniques. She most often works in watercolor and gouache to start, then digitally finishes her pieces. This mix of techniques results in Mia’s style, which is fresh and modern with a traditional handmade feel. Mia carefully considers the colors and designs for each of her pieces and enjoys painting a wide variety of subject matter, especially flowers and plants, which hold a special place for her as they were the subjects of her first watercolor paintings.