Malenda Trick

Artist at Heart

Malenda Trick is a self taught artist who knew early in life where her path would lead. Her parents met in art class at college and for Christmas each year she received art paper, colored pencils and water colors from which she created her first works. She started her own Gallery in Nashville, Tennessee, after being rejected by every art gallery in the city and built it into a profitable enterprise selling her own distinctive work. Today Malenda is one of the most preeminent artists in the home decor and gift industries having hundreds of products sold with her art on them.

Influences of the Art

Malenda paints with a touch of the old world masters and the 19th century impressionists. She particularly enjoys painting 19th century impressionism. She had the opportunity to learn how to paint in the style of the old masters when the Tennessee State Museum commissioned her to reproduce the works of the great impressionists of the 19th century when the exhibit was showing at the museum.

Romantic Impressionism

Malenda’s style has bold flowing lines, vibrant colors and stimulating textures that capture the essence of contemporary life. Her aesthetic is very distinctive and has often been labeled “Romantic Impressionism.” With an interest in the great impressionists such as Monet, Renoir and Degas, Malenda’s designs are full of a rich palate of colors and tones that provide real depth to her work.