Katya Rozz

Katya Rozz is a freelance surface pattern designer and illustrator living in Israel. She derives inspiration from flora and fauna, people, colors and beautiful surroundings to create delicate and unique designs.

Bright and Bold

The majority of Katya’s designs are inspired by the natural world and the aesthetics of tropical, botanical and animal shapes. Katya is naturally drawn to bright colours, high contrasts, animal skins and busy patterns. In addition, she strongly believes in the power of experimenting and I loves to work with different subject matter, styles and art mediums.

Versatile Portfolio

Katya creates stories around her designs and enjoys creating imaginative pieces on diverse subject matter and using a variety of techniques – pencil, ink, watercolors, acrylics and digital drawings. Her specialty lies in original artwork creation, hand drawing, painting, technical repeats and colorways (both vector and raster) and print placement.