Kathryn Beals

Socially Responsible Art

Kathryn Beals is a self-taught painter and influencer from British Columbia, Canada. Her artistic style is influenced by a love of the Canadian north, and former career as a forester and scientist. Kathryn has collaborated with world renowned cosmetic brand, Laura Mercier, for a line of makeup compacts incorporating her fluid art. She was also featured by Buzzfeed and Insider for her viral videos demonstrating how she creates her stunning art. Kathryn has an organically grown social media following of over 90,000 loyal fans and is committed to supporting conservation and humanitarian causes by using her artwork to raise funds and awareness for nonprofits.

Fluid Art Resin

Kathryn is renowned for her signature Fluid Landscapes, incorporating landscape details on top of acrylic pours. Traditionally a landscape painter, she was captivated by acrylic pours because of their tendency to emulate things in nature, from cells to rocks to galaxies.  Kathryn uses lab equipment from her former work as a scientist to create artistic innovations including a new resin technique involving magnetic fields. She attributes the color and movement in her paintings to her synesthesia and migraine auras which have shaped the way she sees the world.

Giving Back

When Kathryn earned her forestry degree in British Columbia, she made a promise to be a steward of the land, and was given a silver forestry ring.  She has chosen to wear the ring and honor this promise in her career as an artist by using her art to raise funding for conservation and humanitarian nonprofits including Doctors Without Borders, Conservation International, National Forest Foundation, The American Cancer Society and others. She has singlehandedly raised over $30K for non-profits since she started her business in 2017.