Ilana Griffo

Motivational and Uplifting

Ilana loves lifting others up, She does that through her motivational & uplifting designs, playful pieces, and by sharing online with transparency. She helps educate other artists about pursuing their passion through her best-selling book, Mind Your Business. While her work is visually tasteful, when she’s not lettering, she’s eating pizza in her backyard oven with her family, with her dogs waiting at her feet.


Work Hard Play Hard

Ilana’s work is full of feel-good vibes. She loves seeing other people smile, and finding the silver lining. The upbeat voice behind her brand comes through in both her playful patterns and her playful lettering. Ilana mixes work and play by sharing art that is educational and refreshingly cheery. Even the most cliche quotes can turn someone’s day around.

Inspirational Creations

Ilana comes from a line of artists and is constantly inspired by their ability to try new things, and add color to their lives through creating art. Her work shines on stationery and paper products. Her work can be found on planners, greeting cards and home decor. It’s hard to feel sad when positive messages are all around you!