Heather Rosas

An Enduring Passion

From the earliest age, Heather Rosas discovered an enduring passion. What started out as an entertaining diversion growing up has blossomed into a defining career. Her designs come from a place of pure joy, a well of creativity that never runs dry.

Everything in Between

Heather started her career in California, her home today. With a desire to concentrate her artistic efforts on the children’s market, she worked for a youth book publisher. She eventually moved to the mecca of design for kids, Mattel. This gave her the opportunity to experience all facets of the business, from licensing to illustration, and everything in between. Heather was senior designer at Barbie Consumer Products, helping to further an iconic image for kids across the world. The Heather Rosas collection is a testament to the time she spent learning her craft. Influenced and inspired by cherished childhood memories, her stylized illustrations blend magnificently with graphic patterns to form a modern, fun twist to much loved juvenile themes.

Her Designs

Heather Rosas never lost hold of youthful exuberance. It is on display in all that she creates. Her products are, simply put, happy. They are full of life. The Heather Rosas collection is the perfect choice for any shopper who is young at heart. You can find Heather’s products including fabrics, stationery, wall décor, children’s apparel, partyware, greeting cards, totes, and Christmas décor on 3 continents including North America, South America and Asia.