Eva Magill-Oliver

Mixed Media Abstracts

Eva Magill-Oliver is a multi-media visual artist known for her minimal abstracts with organic lines. Bold shapes meet elements of nature, setting a fresh tone that is signature to each of her unique works. Her color palettes draw from a combination of soft, earthy tones, highlighted with bold accents. Her mixed-media works have been created on mediums ranging from paper to canvas, each with an individual twist that is fluid and dynamic. Her style is organic and playful, symbolizing the continuously evolving landscape of our natural world.


Eva has had many successful collaborations with world-renowned designers, galleries, art consultants and hospitality companies. She has earned international recognition with sought after brands including collaborations with Anthropologie, AG Jeans and Nike. Her original works can be found in prominent hotels including Kimpton, Hyatt, Hard Rock and the Fairmont


Eva Magill-Oliver’s multi-media abstracts bring a sense of calm and freedom to everyone they touch. Her fresh, minimal works make them the perfect accent to any space. Her unique style translates seamlessly across mediums and her works have been used in hospitality, consumer products, home goods and apparel. The brand is available for licensing in all categories.