Donna Lee

Creativity Runs Deep

Donna Lee was born and raised in the Kansas City Metropolitan area. Ever since she was a child she has loved creating art. Her husband says “drawing is like breathing for her. If she doesn’t have a canvas, she uses the wall. If she doesn’t have a wall, she’ll draw on napkins or sculpt something in her mash potatoes. It’s just what she does.”

Drawing Inspiration

Donna has her Bachelor’s Degree in design and has been a licensed artist for 8 years. She finds inspiration through hiking, spending time with her kids, watching her team (Go Royals), restoring her historic home, and all things cute and furry. Donna says on her philosophy toward art “If I can brighten someone’s day with one of my images then I feel blessed.”

Building a Program

Donna works in mostly watercolor and colored pencil but is fluent in most mediums. She is influenced by nature, all things vintage, patterns and designs. Donna Lee’s designs are available for a wide range of categories including greetings cards, stationery, tabletop, ceramics, coasters, home textiles and wall art.