Dominique Vari

Typographic Magic

Good things often happen by design, not by chance. With a ‘Less is more’ approach in mind, Dominique Vari produces eclectic ranges of designs that are filled with surprise. With careful attention to detail, hidden messages and a splash of color, her collection ‘Wild about Words’ is guaranteed to raise a smile and brighten your day!

Iconic Designs

Dominique Vari injects a breath of fresh, colorful air in the design industry. Her career began in the corporate domain, where she worked as senior creative for leading branding agencies such as Interbrand and Landor. This experience has helped to develop a unique perspective that Dominique uses to craft her truly distinctive designs. The inspiration for her collections comes from her observation and curiosity of her surroundings and the beauty of colors, exposed in nature through vibrant and breathtaking display. The ‘Wild about Words’ collection, a vibrant and fast-growing line that includes prints, t-shirts and greeting cards, is the perfect example of Dominique’s command of awe-inspiring design. It incorporates exquisitely designed details and versatility, the perfect pick for any customer or campaign.

Exploring Styles

Dominique Vari lives a life in pursuit. She is chasing the freshness of new opportunities, in design and everywhere else. Never one to be satisfied by an established standard, she pushes to the edge of creativity, exploring new styles and levels of quality. At the heart of her distinctive designs is an enduring and flamboyant passion leading to exceptionally conceptual and innovative artistry.

The Dominique Vari Brand

With her diverse portfolio of individual styles, Dominique’s designs are already featured on a wide variety of products including greeting cards, stationery, wall art, bedding, luggage, tech cases and gifts, etc… in North America, Europe and Asia.