Car Pintos

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About the Artist

“I belong to the sea, the flowers, the butterflies, the sun, women, the leaves, the swallows, the colors, mother earth.
 I was born in August in Mar del Plata, during the winter of 1982.  Since I was 6 years old I took artistic drawing lessons, I played, painted, observed.”  — Car Pintos

With her love of drawing, Car Pintos chose to study Graphic Design and has never looked back.  
After college, she lived and worked in Buenos Aires, Argentina and has given lectures and workshops at Buenos Aires University and other Universities throughout the country on art and design. Today, she lives with her family in Mar Chiquita, Buenos Aires, one of the Worlds Biosphere Reserves.

Car is inspired by a wide variety of nature’s most beautiful creations including flamingos, butterflies, evergreens, dunes, fish, humming birds, gulls, swallows, crabs, trees, flowers, and firewoods.  She loves seeing the beauty in each creation of nature and interpreting that in her artwork.  She creates her own illustrated universes that she calls “her stories” and they explode with detail and color.  
She believes “life is the way we paint it….and I always choose to fill it with colors”.
  Well known collaborations include:
  Coca-Cola, Oster, Brother and more.

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