Border Bloom

A Best Friend Duo

Katie Sklenar and Brandy Roszel are a best friend duo that has a deep love for working with their hands and creating pretty things. Both girls have been designing and drawing since they were kids. They share a passion to bring inspiration and joy through their hand lettering and illustrations.

Bloom Beyond Your Borders

Katie and Brandy met at summer camp in middle school and have been inseparable ever since. Over more than 15 years of friendship they have worked side by side on countless creative projects. The girls dreamed of having their own business but both were cautious creatures of habit and starting a business felt risky. As their love for creating grew, however, they began to realize that they were limiting themselves out of fear of the unknown. They had created borders that were holding them back from their fullest potential. In the summer of 2015 they decided the risk was worth it and created Border Bloom, an avenue to leap from the known to the unknown and help them to bloom beyond their borders.

About Border Bloom

Border Bloom designs are all hand lettered and hand drawn, each one carefully crafted with intentionality. Katie and Brandy have a love for typography and calligraphy and strive to incorporate both into as many designs as possible. They believe words are strong, powerful sources of inspiration and deserve to be presented in beautiful ways. Border Bloom’s hand lettered lovelies will brighten your life, inspire your soul and warm your heart.