Aunty Acid

The Sassy Senior

Aunty Acid and her long suffering husband Walt are the creation of Ged Backland. They are the crazy couple who live on the corner of Bite Me and No Freakin’ Way. Aunty Acid says out loud exactly what you’re thinking and nothing or no one escapes a lashing from her wicked tongue. She’s one funny lady and she’ll make sure you start your day with a smile.


11 Million Facebook Fans

Aunty Acid has taken the internet by storm since its exclusive Facebook launch in April 2012. The ever-expanding fan page has over 11 million likes and reaches 30 million people each week! Humor is the great leveler and Aunty Acid does nothing but make smiles. Modern ‘with it’ editorial that speaks about life, love, work, and relationships, Aunty Acid is set apart as the fresh voice of the older generation. Millions of people each week are made a little happier by her “tell it like it is” philosophy.

The Aunty Acid Brand

A feel good brand that everyone can take part in and they have with the #1 selling humor calendar on Amazon and at Barnes & Noble.  The program is expanding with gift books, mugs, greeting cards, stationery, and apparel available in specialty gift stores around the world and on Amazon.