Susan Pepe

Contemporary Impressionism

 Susan’s passion for painting, coupled with her love of interior design, create the perfect blend of traditional, fine art quality and on trend, modern appeal.  A perfect mix for designs in every product category!

Each piece is hand painted in her home studio, using layer upon layer of bright, beautiful color.  Her confident, yet loose brushstrokes convey a light, airy feel throughout her work, whether it be floral, landscape, coastal, animals, or children.

A Personal Note

“Some dreams stay with you forever…”

After spending most of my career teaching art to young children, and raising a daughter (and three labradors) of my own, I feel extremely blessed to have the opportunity to do what I love, to follow my passion, my heart, as I paint my dreams…

Pieces of the Journey

I’ve learned that the little things aren’t so little – and that is why I feel so passionate about painting them – flowers, beautiful places, the beach, and precious moments with our children (furry and otherwise).

I hope you can feel the joy…