Phyllis Dobbs

Creating Treasures

Inspiration can be drawn in the briefest moment. Phyllis Dobbs finds such precious resource in everything she experiences. From colors and nature to distinctive patterns of design, her aesthetic is inspired by the world around her. Phyllis is an artist, designer and illustrator whose has been creating treasures for over 24 years. Her custom needlework designs for vintage clothing were used by Polo Ralph Lauren. She is a published author and her designs have appeared in over 150 publications. She’s also had numerous TV appearances for crafting including several shows on PBS.


Raising Expectations

By fusing vibrant color with rich patterns, Phyllis is able to create a unique and whimsical collection. Her ability to create coordinating patterns, borders and icons in addition to her main themes provides a wide assortment of art to complete each collection. As an artist, she is thankful to have achieved many meaningful goals, most importantly providing products that thrill her customers and raise their expectations.


Her designs are licensed on gift, quilts, home décor products, kitchen textiles and garden, as well as bath accessories.