Cottonflower Studio

Marina Oliveira is a Brazilian based designer and founder of the brand, Cottonflower Studio.  She graduated from Northeastern University with a B.S in Architecture, but it wasn’t after long that she was sketching patterns in her sketchbook. After more than a decade working as an interior designer for the aircraft business industry, Marina decided it was time to dedicate herself to her love for art.




Her interest in design has evolved through the years.  She grew up loving color, texture, pattern and composition. She finds inspiration in her everyday life through nature, books, observing her animals, music, travels, or even a simple walk in the city.  She is passionate about hand drawing and colors.




Today, Marina combines her computer skills and her passion for creating by drawing and painting under the Cottonflower Studio brand.  Her background in architecture has helped her develop an exploration for different forms, shapes and composition. She is always driven to create something new and to experiment with different art media.  With a steadily growing social media following, the brand is rapidly expanding into fabrics, greeting cards, gifts and more.